Bursting At The Seams // VKPRESS (2018)

2020 Shortlist Emerging Author by The Indiana Author Awards


In The Image Of God Too // VKPress (2021)

American Dream// VKPress (2020)

Numb// VKPress (2020)

Dragon Lady// VKPress (2020) 


The Indianapolis Anthology // Belt Publishing (2021) 

"Poetry In Our Times: Protest and Pandemic" Conversation with Chantel Massey// Indiana Humanities (2020)

Exhumes// Printtext + Indianapolis Contemporary (in-print) (2019)

Holy Ground //  Printtext + Indianapolis Contemporary (in-print) (2019)

After Toni Morrison’s quote from Beloved, “Anything Coming Back To Life Hurts” (A Poem to My Younger Self) // Indianapolis Review  (2019)

Rapunzel In The Hood, With 30-Inch Weave // Indianapolis Review (2019)

Nominated for Best of Net Award 2019 

It's Too Late, I am Immortal Now // Turnpike Magazine (page 17) (2019)

When Women's Day Ends, I Will Still Be Black At 11:59 // FAF Collective  (2019)

Musical Chairs// FAF Collective (2018)


When Live Poetry Nights Turn Into Parties // Book Riot

Bursting At The Seams With Chantel Massey// Ladies Night Podcast

Both The Mess And The Masterpiece // Start Somewhere The Podcast

Divine Feminine // Just Happy To Be Here Podcast

Legal Notion With Juanita Ingram//Season 2 Episode 2

Sip & Spine feat. Poet Chantel Massey Photo Diary // Actually I Can

April '18 Awarded Visionary of The Month: Chantel Massey// Double Vision Management

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