Bursting At The Seams // VKPRESS (2018)

2020 Finalist Emerging Author by The Indiana Author Awards


We Are Our Best Things // Indiana Humanities (2022)

In The Image Of God Too // VKPress (2021)

American Dream// VKPress (2020)

Numb// VKPress (2020)

Dragon Lady// VKPress (2020) 



Wade In The Water Poetry Collections //The Religion, Spirituality,

& the Arts is a program of the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute (IAHI) (2022)

i can tell you// Indiana Review (in-print) (2022)

2021 1/2k poetry prize finalist, selected by Taylor Johnson


Hard Times Require Furious Laughter // Solstice Magazine (2021) 
2021 Summer poetry contest finalist

The Indianapolis Anthology 
// Belt Publishing (in-print) (2021)


Exhumes// Printtext + Indianapolis Contemporary (in-print) (2019)

Holy Ground //  Printtext + Indianapolis Contemporary (in-print) (2019)

After Toni Morrison’s quote from Beloved, “Anything Coming Back To Life Hurts”

(A Poem to My Younger Self) // Indianapolis Review  (2019)

Rapunzel In The Hood, With 30-Inch Weave // Indianapolis Review (2019)

Nominated for Best of Net Award 2019 

It's Too Late, I am Immortal Now // Turnpike Magazine (page 17) (2019)

When Women's Day Ends, I Will Still Be Black At 11:59 // FAF Collective  (2019)

Musical Chairs// FAF Collective (2018)


What It Means To Be Human: Celebrating Mari Evans & Etheridge Knight// Nuvo 

"Poetry In Our Times: Protest and Pandemic" Conversation With Chantel Massey// Indiana Humanities 

When Live Poetry Nights Turn Into Parties // Book Riot

Bursting At The Seams With Chantel Massey// Ladies Night Podcast

Both The Mess And The Masterpiece // Start Somewhere The Podcast

Divine Feminine // Just Happy To Be Here Podcast

Legal Notion With Juanita Ingram//Season 2 Episode 2

Sip & Spine feat. Poet Chantel Massey Photo Diary // Actually I Can

April '18 Awarded Visionary of The Month: Chantel Massey// Double Vision Management

Indy Star

Indiana Author Awards 

CICF Artist Ambassadors Announce Recipients of Artist Grants

Indy Maven


"This was an absolutely beautiful book and piece of work. I was inspired and empowered. Bursting at the Seams is an obvious labor of love and it's obvious that the author took their time with it, and it's great to see!"

- Randie Chapman, writer & producer at Black Millennial Marriage Podcast on Bursting At The Seams

"Chantel’s own work abandons metaphorical language. She uses newscasts, prayers, and gossip to compose stanzas that document generational angst. She absorbs her inherited trauma and brings it into a raw beautiful focus."
-Book Riot, on Bursting At The Seams and performance

"I... was inspired by your visceral, powerful, and timely poetry." 

- Charlie Wiles, Director of Center for Interfaith Cooperation on Bursting At The Seams


"I am so grateful for this workshop. It was incredible... Your workshop was grounded and full of love.

We engaged with a topic that is all too often rushed over, Black Mythology. You gave us an opportunity to read, write, and laugh, together. The workshop felt inventive. No rush. No perfectionist's anxiety. Instead, it was a (digital) place of much needed play and, yet, grounded in its literary rigor and love. Our spirits were so present. 

I have attended so many workshops, black-run, black-founded and black-peopled, but this one was absolutely one of the best, one of the most rejuvenating. Real. Free." 
- María Fernanda, poet on poetry workshop Black Mythology

"Bursting at the Seams by Chantel Massey, in part, because I adore a Black female creative writer self-publishing with a Black woman-owned company (VK Presses, along with Shavonne Lakaye). I haven't experienced this level of identification with a writer/poet's words, on pages I'm turning with my own hands, since Octavia Butler. To devour this collection of poems was to see myself validated, while also learning about the author herself."


- Okara Imani, poet, writer, & musician