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"Chantel’s own work abandons metaphorical language. She uses newscasts, prayers, and gossip to compose stanzas that document generational angst. She absorbs her inherited trauma and brings it into a raw beautiful focus."
-Book Riot

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Chantel Massey

Chantel Massey (she/her) is a poet, author, teaching artist, educator, and anime lover based in Indiana. Massey has received fellowship and retreat invites from Open Mouth Poetry, Hurston/Wright Foundation, and The Watering Hole. She is a Best of Net Award nominee and 2020 Indiana Eugene and Marilyn Glick Author Awards Emerging Author finalist for her first collection of poetry, Bursting At The Seams  (VK Press, 2018).  Massey founded the poetry organization, UnLearn Arts , serving to inspire underrepresented writers through a Black classic and contemporary arts-centered curriculum. 

Massey's work advocates for human rights and social justice.  She explores their depth with a confessional and emotional honesty through  Blackness, womanhood, identity, memory/archive, familial relationships, the process and act of giving up self- betrayal, and the riot of Black joy.  Massey is on a life-long mission to inspire curiosity, celebration, creativity and challenge how we engage with the world. Her work can be found featured in IndianapolisReviewTurnpike Magazine, and other online and print publications coming elsewhere.

Alongside performing poetry, Massey serves as board member and  Community Outreach Committee member for youth poetry organization, Word As Bond , editor at Sidepiece Magazine, co-host for Tea’s Me Cafe Open Mic with poet, Eric Saunders, every first Friday. By day she is a special education teacher providing an equitable education to little humans, a student at Marian University studying to better provide for those little humans, and a  Caliban Art Board Member.


"In times of dread, artist must never choose to remain silent. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal."

-Toni Morrison


Chantel is available for featured performances, facilitating workshops, to host, speak, consultations and for all other inquiries

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